Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brock Lesnar is an animal

I wonder why more WWE Wrestlers don't make the move to real physical action, like Brock did. It seems that the competitive nature those guys display in the ring would be much better exhibited in octagon, ground 'n' pound form.

(imagine being locked in a cage with this)

This guy was built for punishing people. He's been a member of UFC for only a couple of years now and is already the Heavyweight Champ, now think about how dominant he would've been if he never wasted his time on that WWE nonsense (or trying out for the Vikings). Why have we turned our modern day gladiators into show pieces when they could be doing battle with eachother. I want to go back to my childhood and watch Stone Cold Steve Austin actually try to break someone's neck...

Maybe I will be satisfied watching highlights of UFC100, here's a little background:

The main event will feature a rematch between UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, and UFC Interim-Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir. This title unification bout occurred as a result of former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture's year-long "resignation" from the company. Couture returned to the company and UFC President Dana White announced that he would defend his title against Lesnar at UFC 91. This meant that the winner of the Couture-Lesnar and Nogueira-Mir matches would face off for the undisputed crown. In his fourth professional fight, Lesnar defeated Couture via technical knockout to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion. READ MORE

Oh Yeah!


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